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One of the more popular of the long list of fad diets to pass us by over the years, the Zone Diet follows a method that, while not agreed upon by all nutritionists, is proven to assist in losing weight and staying fit. Seen as a total lifestyle by its adherents, it has taken on something of a following in the Western world, among celebrities and regular people alike.

The main downside to the Zone Diet may be its relatively complicated approach, so allow us a moment to quickly break down how it works, and what it promises to do:

What is the Zone Diet?

Developed by Dr. Barry Sears, a well-respected person in nutritional circles, the Zone Diet is a structured eating plan that promises to transform not only your health, but your entire way of life.

Put basically, the Zone Diet follows a 40:30:30 ratio when it comes to where you obtain your calories, focusing on carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. By keeping that ratio in mind when preparing your meal plan, the Zone Diet plan promises to help you to take in only ideal amounts of each, allowing your body to better process what comes in. This eliminates excess fat build-up in the body, and encourages the burning of additional fat for energy by leaving you with less carbs and less calories than your body needs to burn in the run of a day.

Other Benefits of the Zone Diet

Because the Zone Diet approaches weight gain as a problem related to cellular inflammation, its particular focus on ratios regarding dietary intake has been shown to improve mental and physical fortitude, and even to reduce the effects of aging.

Another particularly notable physical effect is an improvement in heart and arterial health; studies are still being conducted in order to study the Zone Diet’s exact effects, but it seems that the general anti-inflammatory properties induced by the diet are experienced profoundly in the cardiovascular system.

Given these additional benefits, the Zone Diet has come to be known as more of a complete way of life than as a simple diet, helping people to shape their habits to be more organized and more productive, leading to healthy benefits in every aspect of human health, mind and body. It’s fairly rigorous eating requirements may feel a bit stifling when it comes to meal planning and preparation, but you’ll find the adjustment easier than the specifics of ratios may lead you to believe!

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