Why You Can Lose Weight Thanks To Green Coffee Extract


With so many weight loss products on the market it is hard to know which one to choose. For a long time we have been warned that too much coffee may not be good for us but now there is a product that will help with weight loss and it comes from the green coffee bean. The beans need to be unroasted when the extract is taken and it is effective because there is a high level of chlorogenic acid in it.

Evidence in Favour of Green Coffee Extract

Dr Oz has been an advocate of the product, although as with many items that he agrees can work, he will only advocate the product and not a particular brand. Studies have been carried out in the United States and while it was only a small group that tried the product, the results they had showed weight loss. Over a period of 12 weeks they lost an average of 1.5 lbs a week. There are times when this is normal amount to lose, so it could be argued that the loss was no greater than it would have been without the product being used. A deciding factor could be that all participants had a good weight loss and more importantly none of them had any issues as a result of taking the extract.

How Does It Work?


The way the coffee bean extract works, is to speed up the metabolism and at the same time slow down the amount of glucose that is released into the body. This should be of interest to diabetics, as blood sugar levels need to be controlled. Less fat is absorbed into the body and therefore there is less left that is not turned into energy and therefore less that will be stored as un–needed fat. It is here that the caffeine comes into play and while there can be concerns that caffeine can be responsible for lack of sleep, it works well in conjunction with chlorogenic acid. As this acid acts as an antioxidant, it clears out impurities and allows the liver to function at its most effective level. To make sure that maximum results are received it is important to take the right amount. Too little will not give such good results and too much may lead to a degree of loss that is not considered healthy.

Other Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Studies have also shown that there are ingredients in green coffee beans that can decrease blood pressure. Hypertension can be dangerous so anything that will work to keep it down must be a good thing. High blood pressure can be treated with medication but green coffee extract is seen as a safer way as there have not been any side effects found. As mentioned diabetics – especially those with type 2 will benefit greatly.

Some makes will not include caffeine as they consider it to be counter-productive, so if you want to cut out caffeine, check out the ingredients in the item you purchase. If there are health issues, medical advice should still be sought.

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This article is penned by Kate Shaw, a professional yoga instructor and a health guru. She shares her weight loss and beauty tips through her articles. She feels Garcinia Cambogia extract really helps you lose weight and look more youthful.

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