The Power of Images for Weight Loss Success

Infographics use the power of visual images to convey vital messages. “Ten Tips for Successful Weight Loss” is no exception.  It is clever, colorful, and creative using a multitude of catchy illustrations to enhance the text revolving g around basic and time-tested principles. More than a diet guide, it also is a protocol for achieving health and fitness. All in all, the infographic combines words and pictures to tell the story in a compelling way. There is an image of a typical breakfast, a scale, glasses of water, and a shopping bag. Meditation and yoga appear along with an exerciser on a treadmill and a bright shining sun. A clock relates to sleep patterns and a smiley face indicates mood and well-being. Praying hands and a hot dog snack round out the medley — all tied together with a tape measure with its obvious implications. Sure to please viewers, it is actually a serious paean to weight loss offering ten steps to digest and follow for positive surefire results. The infographic becomes an educational guide by including links to well-known websites such as,,,,, and A wealth of information is at hand with a simple click. For information on the wonder fruit garcinia cambogia, an adjunct to the ten step process, a button leads to additional data about the dietary supplement. By accessing the infographic’s message and related topics, viewers will have an easy-to-follow model at hand they can internalize and implement. Ten steps that lead the way to good health include eating whole grains and nuts, hydrating often, shopping less to restrict excess food intake, sleeping better with regular hours, enjoying a relationship with God, basking in the warmth of the sun, and balancing nutrition and exercise programs. As a result, stress and anxiety dissipate, pounds melt away, fitness and endurance soar.

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