The Jenny Craig Diet


Are you having problems with weight? You’re reading this so the likelihood that your answer to my question is a resounding yes is high! Well, worry no more. The Jenny Craig might just be the one answer to your problem.

Who Is Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig used to be overweight but she decided to do something about it. What made her decide to start the Jenny Craig Diet? Well, after her second pregnancy, Jenny found herself 45 pounds heavier. With a height of 5 feet 5 inches, she decided that she had to do something about the excess weight. Then there’s a heavier reason why she really wanted then to control her weigh – her mother died at the age of 49 because of stroke. Moreover, 8 out of her mother’s nine siblings also diet of stroke before they all reached 50. She had bad genes and she knew she had to be different. She decided to take control and she did it through the Jenny Craig Diet.

What Is the Jenny Craig Diet?


For starters, it is a weight loss program for people who are obviously having issues or problems with excess weight. Health experts refer to it as a three level method which involves the food, the person’s mind, and his body.  The goal is to achieve and keep a good balance between these three elements.  The aim is to loose the excess weight and maintain a healthy body weight, or for short, keep the excess weight off. 

So how is it done? Simply put, the three levels are described as follows:

For the first level, it teaches the person following the Jenny Craig Diet how to eat properly.  For the Jenny Craig Diet, this means in small, frequent portions. The nice about the program is this: any food can be eaten as long as it is done in small portions.

The second level teaches people the importance of increasing their energy levels, in this stage, the people following the Jenny Craig Diet is taught how to increase their activity level through simple activities.

For the third level, the program teaches people how to balance their lives. The aim is to live a healthy lifestyle.

What Can You Eat when You Are On the Jenny Craig Diet?


For people who want to follow the Jenny Craig Diet, this weight loss program starts with what is called ‘prepackaged meals’. These are healthy, balanced diet meals that are frozen and can be bought from the many Jenny Craig Centers all over the country. The aim of these pre-packaged healthy foods is to train the palate of the weight watchers to appreciate vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low fat to non-fat dairy products. Ultimately, the Jenny Craig Diet followers will be taught how to prepare their own healthy meals, eventually weaning them from the Jenny Craig Diet pre-packaged meals. 

In a nutshell, the Jenny Craig Diet is simply taking control over your life, which means establishing personal discipline. This is a holistic approach to weight loss and many people are saying it works!

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