The Five-Bite Diet

The Five-Bite Diet

When it comes to losing weight, you probably have heard and seen a lot of them already. Most of it, including (probably) The Five-Bite Diet, are just full of exaggerated eagerness and craze. Or is it really? It’s your decision whether you go into this kind of weight loss strategy or not and here’s how the five-bite diet approach goes.

  • Drink as much of anything as you want as long as it doesn’t contain calories.
  • Take five bites of any food at lunch.
  • Take five bites of any food at dinner.
  • Take one multi-vitamin everyday.
  • Eat a bit of protein a day “on average”.

Could this be a healthy way for your weight loss agenda? Does this kind of diet approach a realistic one? Those are the few things you need to consider before you embark into the world of another form of extreme diets.

Many believe that it is considered as a potential weight loss solution since it is regarded as a portion control kind of diet. Though it allows you to eat anything you want, the whole idea is to limit how much you eat which are five bites. With that alone it sounds realistic and easily be achieved. Another thing is it is always good to eat everything in moderation. Yet the question is that, will you be getting the right amount of servings of the essential nutrients your body needs in a daily basis? That is one thing that should be taken into consideration.

One factor or probably the flaw of The Five-Bite Diet is how someone chooses to follow it. For it is possible to eat five bites of cheeseburger, five bites of ice cream, five bites of French fries, five bites of doughnuts and five bites of hotdogs, yet you have followed the strategy. But probably you won’t get enough daily essential nutrients.

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