Ten Holiday Foods To Avoid


The holidays are a time for family, fun, and great food. Unfortunately, they are also a time when the average person gains at least a pound from all the sinfully good food and never loses it. This can add up to serious weight gain over time. Here is a list of ten holiday foods that can be dangerous to your overall health.

1. Turkey Skin. The skin of a turkey is loaded with saturated fat. These fats are higher in calories than they are in protein, and they contribute to high cholesterol. The dark meat of the turkey is also something to avoid as it is high in fat as well. It’s best to eat the turkey breast sans the fatty skin.

2. Stuffing. Stuffing is loaded with bread, butter, and different types of high-fat meats. A single scoop of it can be over 500 calories. A healthy alternative is to make wild rice stuffing instead.

3. Mashed Potatoes. Mashed potatoes are made with milk, butter, and salt. The starch in potatoes is essentially sugar which can have the same effect on your teeth as sugary candy.  


4. Sweet Potato Casserole. One their own, sweet potatoes are very nutritional. They contain vitamins A and C as well as potassium and calcium. It’s when butter, marshmallows, and sugar are added to sweet potatoes to make a casserole, that they become dangerous.  

5. Pecan Pie. This is one of my favorite holiday desserts. While pecans are full of healthy fats and vitamins, the rest of the pie is packed with sugar and calories. Pecan pie is usually made with a ton of corn syrup, butter, and sugar, making it a lethal dessert. The sugar in pecan pie can also be damaging to your teeth, creating harmful bacteria that can cause cavities.

6. Finger Foods. Finger foods are so convenient and easy to eat, but they are full of fat. They can be deceiving because they are so small, but the calories begin to add up. Try snacking on veggies or fruit before your meal.

7. Caramel Popcorn. Flavored popcorn has become a popular holiday gift. Popcorn by itself is a great whole-grain snack, however, popcorn covered in sugary caramel and other syrups isn’t so healthy. Not only is it a recipe for weight gain, but these sugary morsels can be damaging to your teeth.


8. Egg Nog. Egg nog contains alcohol, heavy cream, eggs, and sugar. This is a dangerous combo. One cup of egg nog contains more than 300 calories. If you must drink egg nog, try to find a low-calorie egg nog.

9. Cakes And Cookies. I know, I know, one of the best parts about the holidays are holiday cakes and cookies. These sweet treats are full of sugar and fat. Try to avoid these by snacking on whole-grain cereal or crackers.

10. Milk Chocolate. Milk chocolate is high in fat and doesn’t contain the disease-fighting compounds that are found in dark chocolate.

How To Avoid These Foods

Some tips to avoid these unhealthy foods include:

  • Conversate with those around you to slow your pace of eating.

  • Sit away from the buffet table.

  • Excuse yourself from the table once you are done eating.

  • Chew sugar-free gum or sugar-free candy to avoid cravings for sweets.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Lakeway Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. Trisha is a fan of holiday food but knows it’s not exactly the healthiest. She wants to know what the most unhealthy holiday foods are. 

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