Setting The Right Goals – Learning To Diet Sustainably


Human beings function by goals. Once we set a firm target, we’ll aim for it. The majority of us can’t aim for something general. Simply stating we want to lose weight isn’t going to cut it. It could mean anything from losing half your body weight to losing a single pound. If we can’t aim for something, it’s only going to lead to a lack of motivation and procrastination.

Set a Firm Goal

Make your goal as specific as you possibly can. Start by asking yourself what you want to look like. It’s relatively easy to look at a fitness model, or even a friend, and say you’d like to look similar to them. Find out what they weigh and you’ll have a rough idea of what you need to aim for.


If you simply want to get healthy, the BMI is a good place to start. It’s calculated based on your current weight and height. There are lots of BMI calculators on the Internet you can use.

Objectives and Goals


A goal is your final point. This is where you’ll end your journey and your only job is to sustain your current weight. For most of us, most goals are too lofty and too far away to keep us motivated. If we set a target that might not happen for a whole year, the chances are we’ll grow bored and unmotivated when we hit the dietary wall.

Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success. A lot of dieters lack confidence and pride in themselves and their bodies. The best way to start is to show them they can accomplish their goals with hard work.

This is where objectives come in. An objective is a marking point on the way to the overall goal. If you wanted to lose 30 pounds, you might set your first objective at five pounds, 10 pounds, and on to 20 pounds.

Objectives maintain confidence and provide regular feelings of success on the way. The chances of achieving your goals shoot up when tackling weight loss in this manner.

Choose the Right System


Goals change all the time. This is why you need to pick the right dietary system. Systems like Nutrisystem will always enable you to change your goals. It’s a sustainable diet that can help anyone lose weight, no matter where they start from. By utilizing a flexible regime like this, you can accomplish your goals without having to constantly switch systems.

The best way to find a system that works for you is to look at its underlying principles. Calorie controlled diets always provide results for people, no matter what weight they start from. The principle of calories in and calories out can lead to weight loss or weight gain, depending on what you want to achieve.

Talk to previous users and ask them about their experiences using the program in the long-term. You’ll achieve more by opting for a diet that allows you to achieve both in the short-term and in the distant future.

Today’s guest post is authored by Jessica King. She is a leading healthcare expert who spends her spare time blogging about the latest health polices and development. Visit for more information on how to lead a healthy and satisfied life.

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