Lemonade Diet

Diet has been associated with beauty for quite sometime now. Many variants of Dietary foods and programs have been arranged and compiled till now. People have used them, some have benefited from them and some have not taken much advantage out of those programs.

Recently Lemonade diet also known as Lemon Detox or Master cleanse diet has gained a lot of popularity amongst the masses because it has been adopted by Beyoncé Knowles herself. This particular diet program has been there and done that for the past 50 years and as well has seen variations over the same period of time.

The most intriguing part of the lemonade diet is its ability to break apart toxins present in the body and its contribution towards temporary weight loss.

Created by Stanley Burroughs, the Lemonade diet or the Lemon detox diet was at first recommended as a cure for stomach ulcers. The diet not only cured many of their long-term ulcers but as well contributed towards the better health of patients over the years, whom used the detox diet for their benefits. There are many testimonials on the effectiveness of the Lemonade diet for the patients of stomach ulcers.

The operative part of the diet is quite simple as it moves on the agenda of cleansing, for any disease to be addressed. Cleansing gradually and slowly simplifies the process of disease cure and corrects any sort of disorders present.

For the Lemonade diet to be operative, one must undergo a preparatory stage by adopting a vegetarian diet for sometime so that cleansing will become easier and more of a regular process.

Process of Master Cleanse or Lemonade diet

Because of the lemonade diet being a cleansing way towards health of an individual, the cleansing process or the diet itself accepts lemonade made from only the ingredients such as

  • Water
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Lemons
  • Pure maple syrup

The intake of the lemonade made from the above mentioned ingredients should not be for less then 10 consecutive days, whereas more could be better. Make a mixture of the ingredients (well, the exact quantity or the measure of ingredients needs to be taken as per the instructions of Burroughs himself);you have to intake at the very least six glasses of the lemonade or 12 to be exact in a single day. Even if you feel hunger striking you within anytime of the day, rather then taking anything that will be less energetic but more on the tastier side, take another glass of lemonade and you’re on your way to becoming the cleansing diet champ.

Breaking off the lemonade diet is as important as starting it off. You have to gradually start having orange juice on the first day of breaking the lemonade diet. The 2nd day will see you off in form of vegetable soup and broths. The 3rd day will finally end with you introducing vegetables alongside fruits as a solid diet to finally break off the lemonade detox diet.

The diet is as real as it gets but there is a process associated with it and you have to follow the rules of the lemonade diet to actually take advantage out of it.

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