How To Formulate A Well Balanced Diet


We all have heard about the balanced diet. From medical manuals to school text books, balanced diet is mentioned everywhere when it comes to keeping yourself fit and healthy. At times when we look in to the mirror and notice that our body isn’t exactly what we would want it to be, the first thing we think of taking an action on is our diet. You will find plenty of informative articles on internet on this topic but with such huge amount of information you are more likely to get confused. Keeping this in mind, this article will explain to you all the aspects of a well balanced diet.

  • Eat more, the new way to diet.

This is the diet tip number one but don’t get confused by its title. When a dietician or a nutritionist advises you to eat more, it doesn’t means that you can eat almost anything you like. What it actually means is that you are advised to eat more number of smaller meals per day. Many of us eat 2 large meals a day; instead of this usual practice you may eat five to eight smaller meals. Eating these smaller meals will increase the energy expenditure and will also increase your metabolic rate. This increased metabolic rate can help you a long way in shedding any extra fat that you may have on your body.

  • Eat green vegetables:


A common mistake that a lot of people make is that they avoid including green vegetables in their diet plan. Eating green vegetables can very well be considered one of the most important diet tips. Please note that green and leafy vegetables are very low in fat and calories, the two biggest enemies of your health. Fat and calories are the primary reason for gaining weight. Green vegetables are also high in dietary fiber and protein. They have abundant minerals like iron and calcium. Eating them will also facilitate the production of nitric oxide in your body which is responsible for anti hypertensive (high blood pressure) effects.

  • Drink milk:

Milk is considered as a whole food in itself, complete with all the essential nutrients you may need. Milk is especially high in protein and calcium. One important aspect that you may pay attention is that milk comes in many varieties. For example there is full cream milk, toned milk, double toned milk. If you are dieting for weight reduction then your diet tip will be that you consume double toned milk as it has very low levels of fat and has the same amount of protein as there is in full cream milk. A study has shown that regular consumption of milk can boost the immunity of the consumer.

  • Plan your diet and include variety:


You must plan your diets so that you don’t end up eating anything that you can get your hands on. Eating randomly and in an unplanned manner can go against your efforts. You can make a calendar and mark the dates with the meals you plan to eat on that date. If you find all of this a bit troublesome then just plan your diet and order it online from any diet food delivery service. Weight watchers, nutrisystems and diet to go are some of your options. You can also look for discounts; from time to time you will find weight watchers coupons that will avail you great discounts on your orders.

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