Effective But Forbidden Weight Loss Ideas


Most of us look for easy and effective ways of dieting. It is important to understand that you will need a lot of determination, patience and hard work to make any diet program successful. While you will come across thousands of crash diets and weight control pills which guarantee immediate weight loss, you should be wary of their consequences. You should ideally read through the reviews of different types of weight loss plans before experimenting with any. It is also advisable to consult with your doctor when you are keen to enroll into any such program.

Effective but unhealthy diet ideas:

These are some effective weight loss strategies which must be avoided at all costs:

Crash diets: To begin with, you should stay away from fad diets as far as possible. There are diets like no carb diets, only-protein diets, no-calorie diets and low fat diets but none of these are actually good for your body. These may lead to immediate weight loss but the consequences are far from healthy. There are dieters who even consume artificial sweeteners because they think these will help them maintain an optimum weight and lower their daily calorie intake. So, crash diets will never work; a diet which is not well-balanced and lacks important food groups will inhibit weight loss. Instead, crash diets will retard the metabolism, deprive your body of essential minerals and vitamins and lower the carb intake drastically which in turn deprives you of energy to carry out normal body functions. Again, excess fat in the diet without enough carbs raises cholesterol making you prone to strokes and heart diseases.


Weight loss pills and drugs: While there is no magic weight loss pill, many dieters use drugs like cocaine for losing weight rapidly. These can cause irreparable damage to the brain and heart. Fat-burning supplements can help you lose weight initially but you need to follow it up with a good diet and regular exercises. Weight loss pills also guarantee temporary weight loss; to sustain it you must follow a healthy diet and work out regularly.

Skip meals: When you skip meals to lose weight, you can actually reduce the body weight but this is a very unhealthy practice and should be absolutely discouraged. Skipping meals also affects metabolism and this leads to weight increase.

Purging: When you try to lose weight by forcibly throwing up, you put your body in a lot of danger. Purging triggers psychological effects and this habit may lead to a condition called bulimia. It only heightens the cravings for unhealthy food.

Eating laxatives: When you start using laxatives unnecessarily in order to shed weight, your digestive system is adversely affected. It becomes weak and may trigger abdominal complications.


Smoking: Some people feel that smoking can curb hunger cravings. But this method is known to cause permanent damage to your body, making it more susceptible to infections and cancers.

Excessive workouts: To lose weight, some people start working out excessively. When the body does not have enough nourishment and you over-exercise, you can cause a lot of damage to your health. Such a strict workout schedule is hard to continue and although it may prove effective initially, the long term results are poor. To get the best results, you need to alternate intense cardio workouts with moderate exercises and strength training sessions.

These are some weight loss strategies which although effective in the initial stages, may prove very harmful for your body in the long run.

Final Words

The trick to making weight loss permanent is to follow a healthy, well balanced diet and work out regularly. Weight loss programs use this concept avidly as they know the trick works. Signing up for reputed weight loss programs like Nutrisystem can help you lose weight in a steady pace as they deliver nutritionally balanced diet meals. The diet dishes are carefully prepared with intuitive ingredients that are safe as well as result yielding. Almost all weight loss programs recommend a daily workout for their subscribers to have an effective weight loss.

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