Craziest Diets Of All Time

The New Year is traditionally the time to try out new diets, and to at least make an effort to eat healthier; while a good diet basically involves eating less, reducing junk and processed food, and exercising more, many people try out more extreme diets in a bid to lose weight. Some specialist diets have been very effective for many people, from the Atkins Diet to diets tied to blood types or carbohydrates – however, there have also been some less sensible diets that have been attempted over the years. Some of the craziest of these include:

The Tapeworm Diet

Definitely not for everyone, the tapeworm diet was a brief craze in the late 19th century, or at the very least was advertised as one – hopeful weight losers would ingest live tapeworms, which reduce appetite and cause you to lose weight over time. The success of the tapeworm diet perhaps depends on how much you want a worm in your stomach, and whether you want the risk of infections.

The Cotton Ball Diet

This diet involves switching from regular food to eating cotton balls, which can be soaked in gelatin for extra flavour. While low calorie, cotton balls’ use to fill you up is full of problems, the least of all being that you’re eating lots of cotton balls.

The Caveman Diet

Actually a diet that has some popularity, the caveman diet, also known as the Paleolithic diet involves only eating food that would have been available to prehistoric man – this means eating lean meats, vegetation, and nuts. Not too dissimilar from basic diets, the caveman diet is, however, lacking in nutrients.

The Chewing Diet

A fad in the early 20th century, the chewing diet simply involves chewing up your food until it’s reached a liquid state, at which point you swallow it; the diet also involves spitting out any food that is too tough to chew down into smaller pieces.

The Sleeping Diet

Recommended for anyone who’s looking for a reason to sleep more, the sleeping diet involves you sedating yourself, and burning calories as your body has to turn inwards for nutrients.

The Vision Diet

This diet involves wearing blue tined sunglasses, which make all food look unappetising; the psychological justification for the vision diet is that you’ll be put off from eating by seeing everything through this blue light.

The Maple Syrup Diet

A detoxification diet, the maple syrup diet involves drinking a combination of maple syrup, lemon juice, water, and cayenne peppers; it’s unknown whether this unusual concoction will really do you much good.

The Ear Stapling Diet

Another suppression diet, the ear stapling diet is notable for you having to staple your ear cartilage; doing so will apparently make you less hungry, as you’ll be spending most of your time being distracted by the pain of having a staple in your ear.

The Martini Diet

A liquid lunch idea proposed in the 1960s, the Martini diet was promoted as cutting out food and alcohol in favour of gin and vodka; a creative way to justify drinking in the day more than anything else, the Martini diet never really caught on.

The Russian Peasant Diet

A diet that sees you adopt the basic diet of a Russian peasant, this approach involves eating a daily serving of cabbage soup; while low in calories, most people need a more rounded diet.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about food, from the latest healthy products from Co-op Food to the future of cooking. In his spare time he enjoys attending and participating in cooking seminars.

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