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While so-called “crash diets” aim to help you to drop excess weight quickly, sometimes even at risk of your wellbeing, there are a few varieties of true crash diets out there that provide a plan that is not only efficient in dieting, but also safe for your body.

One of those diets, supported by the popular Dr. Oz of Oprah fame, provides a meal plan that focuses on nutrient rich foods and steep changes, all compressed into a seven day crash period in order to quickly instill new habits in eating and exercising.

Interested in trying a safe but results-oriented crash diet? By following the 90/10 rule that demands that 90 percent of your dietary intake be fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans and whole grains, with the additional 10 percent consisting of healthy oils, dairy and lean meats, you can lose weight faster than you’ve ever imagined!

Ready to get started? Here is what your meal plan will look like on a typical day:


Instead of focusing on protein-rich breakfast foods like eggs, trade out protein in favor of calcium to get the best possible start on your day of dieting. This entails eating foods like fruit, whole grains, oats and flax instead of eggs, yogurt, milk, common cereals and bread.

Eating a breakfast rich in calcium allows your body and brain to start the day off at a quick pace without the hindrance of fat calories to be worked off throughout the day, leading to a much more filling lunch.


Given their ability to kickstart your body into fat-burning mode, your lunch on this crash diet is going to be heavy on beans. Long recognized for their ability to reduce appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness, beans are also an excellent source of many vitamins and nutrients, making them an ideal food when you’re looking to determine the bulk of your lunchtime meal.

Feel free to eat your beans in any variety that pleases your taste buds, but be sure to avoid fattening additives if you’re making a bean-based dip or spread. If dipping is the way you go, remember that vegetables – not salty chips – should be your dipping tool!


Dark green vegetables are the theme for dinner, providing you with a wealth of potential meals, ranging from stirfry to salad to a veggie pizza! While meat like lean chicken or turkey can be added for weight and flavor, don’t go too heavy on anything that promises to add calories to your meal if you’re serious about an effective seven-day crash diet.

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