Cayenne Pepper Diet – How Effective Is It?

If you’re not familiar with the cayenne pepper diet, it’s a diet that involves drinking a cayenne pepper beverage for 10 days without eating. In the beverage is a certain type of maple syrup as well as freshly squeezed lemon juice along with filtered water. On top of drinking 8-12 glasses of this throughout the day dieters also do salt water flushes each morning.

How it Works

This diet is supposed to work by cleaning out your body of extra waste and toxins. This is done through drinking the beverage, which has antibacterial properties in it. The cleansing is also done through the salt water flushes, which will reduce extra waste inside of the colon and digestive system. As you continue on this diet your body will be able to get rid of anything in the body that doesn’t belong so you feel lighter and more energetic.

Weight You Will Lose

Most people end up losing at least 10 pounds from this diet. While this is a lot of weight to drop, you have to remember that you will not be eating while you’re on the cleanse. Instead you will get your nutrients from the maple syrup inside of the drink. This can be really difficult for some people to stick with, although the body gets used to the liquid diet after only a few days. The amount of weight you will lose depends on how much waste you have in your body, whether or not you’re overweight and how much water weight you are carrying.

Is it Safe?

It’s best to talk with your doctor before you start this cleanse, as some people don’t feel well when they aren’t eating a certain number of calories per day. Since you are getting calories and nutrients through the beverage, this is generally thought of as a safe cleanse. You just have to get used to feelings of being lightheaded while your body is adjusting to running on liquids only.

Is it Effective?

The reviews on the cayenne pepper diet are extremely mixed based on the person who tried it and what their experience was like. It is effective for clearing out the body and will certainly result in a lot of weight loss, but the way you come off of the cleanse is also important. You will inevitably gain weight once you do start eating food, which is to be expected, but if you start eating junk foods again you will just ruin the progress you made during the cleanse.

Some people find that the diet gets rid of their cravings for junk foods and sets them on a better path towards living a healthier life. Of course the results vary and some like this diet better than others. If you are simply looking to lose weight instead of go on a cleanse, then you may be better off just eating healthier and exercising regularly.

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