Basics and Benefits of DASH Diet

With each of us living in a world filled with unique stresses and difficult ways of life, hypertension has become a real problem for too many of us. Besides enveloping us in stress today, this harmful affliction promises to subject us to stroke and heart attack down the road, making the idea of taking a strong stance against it more meaningful today than ever before.

While there are endless stress-coping strategies that you can focus on, one of the best ways to relieve the symptoms of hypertension is by simply eating a healthy diet, and that is the aim of the DASH diet. Standing for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, the DASH diet was created for real modern people with real modern problems, helping us to achieve fitness of both body and mind in these troubled times.

DASH Diet Foods

Instead of handing you a list of all of the foods that you’ll never enjoy again and leaving you to it, the DASH diet instead offers us up a long list of the foods that we should focus on. This leaves us to enjoy treats and snacks, so long as we plan a diet that revolves mainly around raw fruits and vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

Designed with each of us in mind, from the smallest and youngest to the oldest and wisest among us, the DASH diet plan is suitable for the entire family, making it relatively simple to implement, especially in comparison to the many competing diets out there that require massive, wholesale changes to your lifestyle in order to be effective.

DASH Diet Results

Obviously, given its name, the DASH diet’s real aim is to eliminate hypertension, but its effects are wide ranging and very fulfilling, even outside of that admirable goal. Besides promising to lower blood pressure in just 14 days, people who stick to the DASH diet also report improvements in response to medication, lower cholesterol levels, steady weight loss, increased energy, and even improved insulin resistance, which works to reduce the risk of developing adult onset diabetes.

With its strong focus on fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, the tangible results of sticking with the DASH diet are many, helping you to feel and look your best in every single category. With reduced stress and tension comes a clearer, happier mind, and it is in this regard that many committed users of the DASH diet profess to find the most improvement in their lives.

Given this very well-rounded effect, the DASH diet has the ability to help you to achieve the true lifestyle changes that you need to stay healthy in every sense of the word. Combined with a regular exercise regimen, that promises to translate into a beautiful mind and a beautiful body, all while eating some of the best foods that nature has the offer.

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