Ancient Diet Becomes Modern

Everything old is new again, as the old saying goes. When it comes to weight reduction, perhaps this is true.  The Paleo Revolution infographic presents old lore in modern guise as the newest trend for fitness buffs and diehard dieters. Ingesting the right Paleolithic era foods—lean meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, good fats, eggs, and fruits and vegetables—is the heart of the matter. Avoiding the bad ones—dairy, refined sugars, processed food and oils, grains, legumes, starches, and the like—is key. Dropping alcohol goes with the tightened territory. It may not be easy, but it leads to well-being in the long run. It’s all about balance and restriction. Follow the caveman image and find out about the many benefits to be obtained from the sparing regimen. Surveys report happy adherents to the program who boast of enhanced energy and overall improved health. Studies reveal a reduction in the occurance of cardiovascular and immune disease, a lower incidence of obesity, and more stable blood sugar. They also indicate a positive impact on sleep, better skin and teeth, and an ameloriation of casein and milk allergies. The program is full of positives on every level. You even have more efficient workouts while you effectively burn stored fat. Popularized by Walter L. Voegtlin in the 1970’s, it has grown in influence over the years, promising to eclipse more recent fad diets.Follow the infographic food pyramid for ideal percentages of the basic comestible groups and learn the art of self-control and purposeful limitation. It is a recipe for results with weight loss and new-found good health at hand.

This infographic idea came from Elliot Noteware, who is the main author of

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