7 Weight Loss Myths That Can Ruin Your Diet

Most people know that there are diet myths out there, but they don’t know just what they are. If you are trying to be healthier, then it’s important you learn these and the truth behind them! Below are 7 of the most common myths that people tend to believe.

1. Starving is Best

Starving yourself is not the way to lose weight. In fact, this can easily lead to you gaining weight if you end up binging later on in time. Starvation can also lead to your body storing fat and you being dizzy or sick. There’s no reason for you to eat too few calories when you can easily eat and still lose weight. Don’t starve yourself or listen to people that say you should.

2. Don’t Eat at Night

Your body can handle calories whenever you want to eat them, so don’t think you can’t eat at night. Just make sure you count all the calories that you take in throughout the day. It’s also best to go for healthy snacks at night, as these are the best for you and your body.

3. Your Metabolism Will be Higher With Small Meals

While small, frequent meals throughout the day can reduce your overall hunger; it’s not going to increase your metabolism. So, if you are the type of person who likes having three meals per day, then do it! Your metabolism is not going to be affected in a positive way if you change this.

4. Coffee Will Make You Thin

A lot of people find that coffee reduces their appetite for a short while, but this isn’t what everyone experiences. Coffee won’t make you thin and can actually make you gain weight if you put a lot of sugar and creamer into it. Drink water instead and you will find that it helps keep you full without the added calories.

5. Diets Will Help You Lose Weight

The truth is, diets don’t work for long-term weight loss. All they will do is help you lose weight for a short amount of time, but you will only gain that back when you start eating regularly again. You have to make a lifestyle change if you want to lose weight permanently and really change your body. Diets just aren’t worth the struggles they put you through because they don’t last if you don’t stick with them for life!

6. You Have to Eat Diet Food

Diet foods that say “low fat” and “healthy” aren’t always as great as they may seem. In fact, a lot of these can actually cause you to gain weight as a result. These are also generally made with chemical and artificial ingredients that you’re better off avoiding. Go for natural foods and always read labels to play it safe.

7. Avoid Eating Fat

Although it might sound weird that fat is good for you, it’s true! Eating a healthy amount of good-for-you fats (like those in almonds, salmon and olive oil) is actually great for your body and for weight loss. These promote better health in your heart, brain and other organs, just don’t go overboard.

Maria has years of experience writing for nutrition websites and she now shares her advice with 2Yum.Me. This site has great information on being healthier, losing weight and even cooking.

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